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2018 Selle Rodeo Production Entry Forms

Welcome to the 2018 season!

Please understand all events are subject to change. Contact the producer for more information.



Bon Accord Buck Out and Muley Roping
Pivotal Movements Equine Program wants to host a ranch bronc riding and muley team roping on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018. This is not a sanctioned event. This is a home grown, grass roots celebration of our Montana western culture and heritage. We hope to draw local talent and spectators while introducing the community to Pivotal Movements Equine Program.
Selle Rodeo Productions of Laramie, Wy will furnish the bucking stock. These are young but proven bucking horses.
Pivotal Movements Equine Program will furnish the roping cattle (yearling replacement heifers), administrative duties and registration.
This event will consist of a match Ranch Bronc ride. The contestants will be ranch cowboys riding bucking horses in their stock saddles. 20 entries will be accepted at $250/ contestant. This will be judged by two judges familiar with ranch bronc riding. Riders must stay aboard for 10 seconds. The top five riders will be called back for a short go. Three places will be paid as following 50/30/20 or 1st- $2500/ 2nd- $1500/ 3rd- $1000. A buckle will be presented for 1st place. A contractor/bronc rider match up will be the Finale for this event consisting of a $500 pot. The rider will be the 1st place contestant if he chooses or any subsequent short round qualifier if the 1st place contestant defers. If the rider makes a qualified ride he wins this pot, if he bucks off the contractor takes it.
The second portion of this event is a Muley cattle roping. Entries for 40 two-man teams will be accepted at $100/ man. This is a timed event. Cattle will be run from an alley way and given a 20’ score line to cross before ropers may engage them. Animal will be headed and heeled. The header must remove his head rope and the heeler can throw his dallies. Once the ropes are clear of the cattle, time will be called. There will be a call back of the ten fastest teams for the short round. Three places will be paid as following 50/30/20 or 1st- $4000/$2000 per man/ 2nd- $2400/ $1200 per man/ 3rd- $1600/$800 per man. Buckles will be presented for 1st place Header/ Heeler.

We are targeting local sponsors to promote our local businesses.
Sponsor a Bronc- $225 per bronc/ rider will offset the expense of Contractor fees for the horses. Business name will be announced with Rider and Bronc. 25 broncs are available for sponsorship.
Uniform Equipment- $100- $224 for pick up men/ judges/ arena help. Shirts and vests. Business logos will be embroidered on uniform
Pool donation- Any contribution will be used to cover miscellaneous expenses and advertisement.
Specific donation- if a business would like to sponsor specifics :
• Buckles- (Atomic 79, Dillon)
• Insurance
• Live music (possibly Atomic 79, Dillon)
• Concessions

** All Sponsors will be acknowledged on all advertisement and social media. Logos and donation monies must be received no later than March 1, 2018**
** ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN APRIL 1st- 10th First come first serve, 20 bronc riders, 40 roping teams**




Be prepared to sign a release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement at Ranch Rodeo check-in.



Lavetta Weeding will take entries on May 1st starting at 8am mountain standard time. Please call in!


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