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Iron Man Ranch Bronc Riding

Iron Man Ranch Bronc Riding is the only event of its kind in the United States. Nowhere else will you see contestants get on 3 head of the rankest bucking horses in a day! July 14th will be the 4th annual event.  Last year’s event has been the talk of the ranch rodeo world. Western Horsemen magazine featured this event in its May 2016 addition. One of the best ranch bronc ridings in the country.

This field starts with 10 contestant matched up against 25 head of the next generation of equine athletes from Selle Rodeo. These young super star bucking horses have yet to find a set bucking pattern; the action is wild and unpredictable. The younger horses varying in age from 4 to 6 will be featured in the first  round. The action continues with the 2nd & "Final 5 Ride OFF". Don’t miss the action of our older more seasoned horses that will give the cowboys a chance to really showcase their talent and riding ability as well.

The cowboys bring just as much variety to the event as well. Our contestants come from Texas to Canada and from west of the Mississippi to the coast of California. We have invited the toughest cowboys in the country to compete in an age old tradition of riding the rough string. Hundreds of years ago ranches would hire horse breakers to ride untouched horses. The cowboys of that era were well respected and when they found horses that couldn't be tamed they often wagered with other ranches to challenge their best cowboy to ride their best bucking horse and this is how the ranch bronc riding got its start. The "Iron Man" is a tribute to the forked cowboy of long ago who rode the rough ones for a living.

The format for the event is simple. We have 3 rounds of competition starting with 10 contestants, each contestant gets 2 head. Any ties will be broke by a ride off. "Final 5 Ride Off" will let us crown our 2018 Iron Man.   We have a purse of $4,500. Making this the toughest ranch bronc riding in the country.

Some of the featured horses you can expect to see during the Final round “Rosa May”, “Bronc”, “Penelope Cruz”, "Angelina Jolie" , "Wild Child" & "Dixie Queen". To see more about the stock contractors, contestants, and Laramie County Fair visit www.laramiecountyfair.com!

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