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"My goal is to offer the contestants livestock that they can win on. No matter what the draw, I'd like to keep an even pen that will consistently give every cowboy or cowgirl entered a chance to win as long as they do their part." Rand Selle - Selle Rodeo Productions

Rand had been making jokes with a friend of his while working as the pickup man at the high school rodeo in Crawford, NE. He'd seen this younger set of horses, owned by Byron Juma, and he knew Byron was more involved and had more passion to raise his bucking bulls. After downsizing his herd, Byron had 11 head of horses that either were too young to buck at the auction or he believed were worth more money than they had been sold for the day of the sale. Seeing the potential as well, Rand persistently worked to create the foundation of Selle Rodeo Productions, after agreeing on a price for the string around Thanksgiving of 2014 and the start of Selle Rodeo blossomed.

Some of the featured horses you'll see go back to a great Byron Juma stud called "Rooster." Rooster's genetics over flow with athletic ability, fire and an electric style of bucking. Broncs coming from this line kick hard and high, give cowboys lots of timing and usually take a little more than average rein.

With a very talented set of horses Rand has started a small sized "Born to Buck" program and believes in the "Quality and not Quantity" theory. Rand's great mare 95 Slippers has a yearling stud colt. Out of a son of Three Hills/Summit Pro Rodeos stud,D12 "Harry Feathers", and a Bad Medicine palomino and white paint mare, "Medicine Woman." In 2017 Selle Rodeo got a baby from a young stud from Waln Rodeo 366 Dirty Bath which had won futurities. With bloodline of Bath Bubbles (Burch). This young stud has done outstanding in the futurities and has had a couple spectacular trips with riders. Selle Rodeo also has a set of 2017 colts out of Hollaways 145 "Sugar". The 2018 foal crop with be out of a Summit Pro Rodeo stud 367 Feather Ready. Which goes back to an awesome mare that was horse of the year in amature associations 967 "Ever Ready" and the great producing stud of Summit Pro Rodeo D12 "Harry Feathers".

Rand has added numerous mares to the string in 2016. Two Cervi bred mares out of the great J1 "Oil Train" which is the father to the awesome stud of Vold's "Painted Valley". Six mares were purchased wearing the quarter circle ZS and have the bloodlines of legendary names like Cajun Queen, Blood Brother, and Lunatic Fringe from the Burch Rodeo in Rozet, WY.

Selle Rodeo is a proud member of the Bucking Horse Breeders Association. With 20 mares all the Selle Rodeo raised colts are registered. You can expect to see the next generation competing at futurities soon. In 2018 a new association was formed that will help market our young horses and prepare them to make the next step. Its almost a training program for the future superstars. We are also proud members of the World Futurity Association hauling the 2's, 3's, & 4 year olds to futurities to prepare them for the day when they get loaded and go down the rode making the SR brand proud.

87 Poppy
72 Chaz Mitchell Custom Hatz
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